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1 user € 135
2-5 users* € 430
6-10 users* € 825
11-15 users* € 1200
16-20 users* € 1595
21-25 users* € 2280
and contact us for more users ...

* Included: per regular user, 2 users can be added who can 'take actions only'.

You can upgrade your account at any time.


No time to setup your system? We are happy to assist you. Also during your trial.
We include the first checklist in your account free of charge. After that, we support from € 99 per checklist.


Use our API connection (JSON format) and create real-time reports.
Additional annual subscription for rAPI € 465 & for API € 780 per year.
Digital archive of inspection report

Comprehensive, reliable and competitively priced. Our clients value our product with an 8 out of 10.

Easy to Inspect is the first inspection system with comprehensive and unique analyse options. Save time and money by efficient inspections, optimal control, digital archive, readable reports. With the aid of our reporting- and analysis function, you can implement improvements.

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