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Create your "tailor made" checklists

Create brand-new checklists or copy and modify existing checklists. Include own cause-codes and filters. Translate your checklist. Our wizard guides you through the steps.

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Your own checklists with Easy to Inspect

  • create own checklists
  • copy existing checklists
  • apply filters

Create your own checklists. Create sections and include mutlipe question types. Use checklist specific settings and modify if needed per individual question. Our unique filter function enables your inspectors to scroll and select options in the App, and you can analyse in detail afterwards. Your can use the system in 4 languages.

Management information direct at hand

  • analysis reports
  • cause- and trend overviews
  • export

Convince your management with clear reports. Identify problem area's and causes. Insight in details with our 'filter'-feature. Efficiency without cumbersome tally-sessions. Real time datalink via API (JSON format) at additional charge optional. Focus on the things that matter again and enable continuous improvement.

Digital inspection analysis

Enthousiastic inspectors thanks to Easy to Inspect

  • Calender function
  • online and offline
  • add photo's and comments

Your colleagues will be convinced of the user friendliness. They are reminded of their inspection via the iCal agenda link or email reminders. They'll have their checklists always at hand and can use the App on- or offline. They can include comments and photo's. The result will be emailed instantly as a pdf report. And you, you control your inspection system via your own digital dashboard.

Resolve nonconformities

  • identify deviations
  • assign actions
  • monitor completion progress
You can easily assign actions (and verifications) to resolve non-conformities observed during your inspections. Other Easy to Inspect users are informed via email or their dashboard about action requests assigned to them. You use the dashboard to monitor completion statuses, send out reminders and create management reports.
Digital Nonconformity management system
Digital Nonconformity management system

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  • > 70 example checklists
  • custom made checklists
  • guidance notes per question
  • open questions
  • closed questions
  • apply filters
  • cause codes per question
  • group in categories
  • 4 languages (E, F, D, NL)


  • on paper
  • web browser
  • android & iOS app
  • online & offline
  • add photo's
  • add comments
  • 3G / 4G / Wifi upload
  • save photos on device
  • iCal calender link
  • Reminder email


  • pdf report
  • modify reports
  • add photo's
  • add comments
  • export
  • print
  • mail report
  • select on date, checklist, inspector

Manage deviations

  • assign actions
  • execute actions
  • action verification
  • action completion monitoring
  • action reports
  • export to Excel


  • select on date, checklist, inspector
  • inspection result analysis
  • cause analysis
  • progress analysis
  • inspector comparison
  • non conformity analysis
  • keep favourite analyses
  • export (pdf/excel/JSON)


  • no creditcard needed
  • include company logo
  • include company name
  • user rights
  • modify subscription
  • european data center
  • european organisation