Workplace inspection app

Your management wants to decide on facts and figures. And now you can deliver. Inspection results are processed in clear reports and analyses. No matter what kind of inspections; safety, quality, 5S, environment, security. You can cover the entire package.

We provide an effective digital inspection system. Our Inspection-App is very easy to use and efficient for your users. You will save time and money in the processing of inspection results, managing non-conformities and periodic analyses.

Download the App and your digitalised internal inspection today.

  • 5S audit
  • Storage of dangeours goods
  • Environmental inspection
  • Workplace inspection general
  • Work permits
  • And of course your own custom made checklists

Quality control with Easy to Inspect

"The Lely-mechanics are assemblying, delivering and maintaining milking robots globally. Easy to Inspect is being used globally for quality assurance purposes." Lely, farming innovators

Inspection App with photo function inspection form App

5S audits in a 'lean' way with the inspection App of Easy to Inspect