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Hygiene inspection app

It doesn't matter if you must deal with food safety or provide a clean hotel room. You need to assure being in control. Our inspection system supports you. You will save time and money. We offer direct insight in issues. Your management and the inspection authorities will be impressed by your effective approach.

We provide an effective digital inspection system. Our Inspection-App is very easy to use and efficient for your users. You will save time and money in the processing of inspection results, managing non-conformities and periodic analyses.

Download the App and start today with your hygiene inspections

  • Food Service Industrie audit: Food preparation
  • Food Service Industry audit: Storage
  • Workplace hygiene checklist
  • Cleaning inspection
  • Food Service Industry: Site hygiene
  • And of course your own custom made checklists

Hygiene guaranteed with Easy to Inspect

Easy to Inspect cannot only for food safety inspections, but also for regular cleaning inspections. For example in the hospitalisy sector where our client Landal is part of.

Inspection App with photo function inspection form App

Hygiene inspections..., check with Easy to Inspect