5s audit App

You need to control your 5S program or ensure environmental compliance. You would like to convince your management of area's of concern based on facts and clear analyses. You appreciate the flexibility with custom made checklists. You must ensure that actions are completed.

We provide an effective digital inspection system. Our Inspection-App is very easy to use and efficient for your users. You will save time and money in the processing of inspection results, managing non-conformities and periodic analyses.

Download the Inspection-App and start now with your 5S audits

  • 5S audit
  • 5S audit
  • Environmental checklist
  • Storage of dangerous goods
  • Workplace inspection general
  • Or make your own custom checklists

IATF 16949 Assurance with Easy to Inspect

In the automotive sector, Easy to Inspect is used for 5S audits, safety and environmental checks, but also for specific maintenance and car damage repair checklists.
Easy to Inspect contributes to a 'lean' work process.

Inspection App with photo function inspection form App

Inspect "LEAN" with Easy to Inspect