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HSE inspection App

Your colleagues have their digital workplace inspections always at hand. You can monitor the progress of inspections. You have the results at your disposal in your dashboard. You can assign actions and monitor completion. You can analyse on trends. And all this, at a very competitive price.

We provide an effective digital inspection system. Our Inspection-App is very easy to use and efficient for your users. You will save time and money in the processing of inspection results, managing non-conformities and periodic analyses.

Download the App and start today with your workplace inspections

  • Workplace inspection
  • LMRA electrical
  • Unsafety report
  • Maintenance workshop inspection
  • Quality and safety inspection maintenance services
  • And of course your own custom made checklists

Maintenance inspection with our inspection App

More and more installation companies are experiencing that Easy to Inspect does work for them. Prominent installers such as Crane Control work with Easy to Inspect to carry out their workplace inspections or to carry out maintenance inspections.
Modderkolk needed more personalised reports, this has been realised with the help of our API.

Inspection App with photo function inspection form App

Get the most out of your workplace inspections with Easy to Inspect's analyses